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What We Do?

We connect people around the world with their ideal rental car in Iran during their trip. At, you can search for all kinds of rental cars in Iran, compare prices, detailed information on additional facilities, and book the best option that fits your needs.

Experience various car rentals at affordable prices and 24-hour support. Express allows you to see the cars listed for different cities in Iran, compare the options and make a decision.

What We Bring?

Diversity in Choice

We have provided an exceptional list of options for you to choose among. The rental cars available at Sepris are great in diversity as for prices, car types, options, features, brands, etc.

Insurance Guarantee

We make sure you drive a car with peace of mind. We provide you with insurance that pays for everything in case of any damage or accident.

Return the car to its owner

At the end of the contract, return the car to the owner in the same condition as you received it (gasoline volume, cleanliness, etc.) and give points to the host.

Pick up the car

Meet the guest at the end of the contract at the appointed place. Check all the required items in the car, pick up the car, confirm the delivery of the car on the orders page and rate the guest.

24/7 Customer Service

We assure you get the help you may need at the right time. Our customer support team at Sepris is available 24/7 for any possible question, problem, or urgency.

Clear and online contract

Unlike many car rental centers, there is no need for paperwork in Spris. By providing an online contract, we speed up the process of signing a contract between the host and the guest, and also strive to protect the environment.

آیکون پشتیبانی سایت اجاره خودرو سپریس
آیکون پشتیبانی سایت اجاره خودرو سپریس